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Pleat Sewing can be done on a simple straight stitch machine, on a cam-controlled semi-automatic machine, or on a microprocessor controlled machine combining tacking with pleat sewing.

Sewing pleats on a straight-stitch machine is slow and requires a skilled operator. The cam-controlled machine is much faster and does not require a skilled seamstress. We offer a cam-controlled machine available in class 68 which is slow speed but very reliable,  (We have a customer who has been using one for over 25 years).

The Singer 269 is a high speed cam controlled machine with thread trimmer. It is much faster, but requires periodic maintenance by a skilled sewing machine mechanic. Both of these machines can sew straight sewing 3 to 5" long  (7.5-12.7cm)  seams with a short or long back-tack at both ends of the seam. The pleats then folded manually to form the triple or three finger pleats and get tacked with a spot tacker for custom work.
Microprocessor Controlled Sewing Machines can combine pleat sewing and spot tacking into one operation and thus they produce custom work about twice as fast as could be done with separate operations with two operators.

Understanding your customer's needs helps determine your selection of features in a machine. For example, Cam-controlled machines can sew an "L" or "F" tack on a fully formed 3 finger pleat. Although the "L" or "F" tacked pleat is the fastest and most efficient way to pleat draperies, draperies made in this way are not considered custom draperies; they are considered commercial quality. 

Please contact us with your sewing machine needs. We can design a special machine to suit your requirements.



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